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A giclee is a high-end fine art print recognized as "the best thing to owning the original", or in the case of certain art created by digital artists, each giclee is an "original". Giclees can be found on display in the world's finest museums and art galleries. Often, they be distinguished from originals.

No. Like any craft or trade, there are different levels of expertise and equipment at any given shop. The best, longest lasting giclees are made by craftsmen who are masters of their trade and work with the finest equipment available.

Speaking of equipment, our shop is loaded with the latest technology in archival inks, acid-free media, and eco-friendly printmaking. Our prints are rated to last up to 100+ years without noticable fading (according to industry standard testing by accredited labs). Most prints are even water resistant

Are all Giclees the Same?


What is a Giclee?

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A giclee (pronounced zhee-clee) refers to both a category of collectable fine art similar to lithographs and serigraphs, as well as a type of digitally created fine art print. However, not all digital prints are giclees. Only prints that adhere to the strict printmaking standards can be called a giclee.


The word "giclee" dates back to 1989 and is a French term roughly meaning "spray or squirt", which refers to the digital printing process. During printing, millions of microscopic droplets of ink per second are applied to the print media. The best giclee printers provide a minimum of 1,200 droplets per inch (dpi) resolution and blends six or more colors of ink.

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The Gallery Prints is a giclee printing studio located in Owego, NY where we specialize in printing on canvas from customer supplied digital files. We service clients across the United States. We use state of the art giclee printers with archival pigmented inks and ratings in excess of 100 years. Our papers, canvas and ink solutions result in bright, cost effective prints far superior to offset systems.